Your older work colleagues can teach you your future

If you want to know who you’ll be in a few years, you might get a preview by observing your older colleagues. Apart from sprouting grey hair (kidding!), there’s a good chance that, like them, you’ll acquire more responsibilities, and not just at work. You might start dating someone seriously or get married, maybe even have kids, rise through the ranks, move abroad for a job, take a sabbatical—or perhaps, none of those things. But by studying your older co-workers, you can decide whether their career choices and accompanying lifestyles will suit you someday. … Read more here.

Google launches Dart 2.5 with intelligent code completion, Flutter 1.9 with iOS 13 and macOS Catalina support

Google today released Dart 2.5 and Flutter 1.9. Dart 2.5 adds stronger support for calling C code and intelligent code completion, which leverages machine learning to help developers complete their code or identify the API they should use. Flutter 1.9 lets developers build mobile, desktop, and web apps from the same codebase. The new version also supports iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, and includes new Material widgets for toggle buttons and filters. … Read more here.

USB4 To Roll Out Next Year With Transfer Speeds Of Up To 40Gbps

The speedy USB4 is nearly ready to roll out as the USB Implementers Forum announces the final specifications of the upcoming device. With the technical specifications confirmed, hardware and software developers can now begin to build and produce products that can support the USB4 in time for its expected launch in 2020. … Read more here.