Inside Microsoft’s latest OS: Azure RTOS

Microsoft’s family of operating systems now scales from the smallest devices to hyperscale clouds. RTOS S an industrial-grade, real-time operating system for devices that fit somewhere between Arduino and Raspberry Pi, needing more than firmware but less than a full Azure Sphere-like Linux. Read more at InfoWorld.

Windows Subsystem for Linux

Last week, Microsoft and Canonical (the company behind the Ubuntu Linux distribution) were scheduled to host a developer conference focused on the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) at Microsoft’s Redmond campus. Ars was invited, and I had plane tickets in hand—but the physical conference was canceled at the last minute due to the coronavirus…. Read more here.

Future Of Work: We Can’t All Become Coders

The future of work is changing rapidly. Artificial intelligence is changing the workplace. Slowly it is displacing humans on manual tasks. More importantly, in the next decade, even some knowledge-based jobs will be replaced by innovation. This can leave people feeling unsettled. In today’s workplace, there’s a noticeable feeling of uncertainty. The reason for this unsettled feeling is that we are not all used to change. Read more here.

Subject Matter Experts

Business Needs Fewer Coders, More Software Developers.

There’s an oft-quoted line attributed to venture capitalist Marc Andreesen: “In the future, every company will become a software company.” One inference from this statement is that a wide variety of new software tools and apps will be suffused across every department as organizations become increasingly digital. The question is: Where will all this software come from? Read more here.