Google – Discovere millions of datasets on the web

Across the web, there are millions of datasets about nearly any subject that interests you. If you’re looking to buy a puppy, you could find datasets compiling complaints of puppy buyers or studies on puppy cognition. Or if you like skiing, you could find data on revenue of ski resorts or injury rates and participation numbers. Dataset Search has indexed almost 25 million of these datasets, giving you a single place to search for datasets and find links to where the data is. Over the past year, people have tried it out and provided feedback, and now Dataset Search is officially out of beta. read more here.

Data science dominates LinkedIn’s emerging jobs ranking

Artificial intelligence has 74% hiring growth in the past four years. Other roles such as data scientist and robotics engineer are growing quickly. Data science and related skills are driving emerging jobs growth, according to a report by LinkedIn. Data know-how is in demand and engineers of all stripes are following suit. LinkedIn’s emerging jobs analysis is based on all members with a public profile that has held a full-time position in the US in the last five years. LinkedIn then calculated the share of hiring and compound annual growth rate for reach occupation between 2015 and 2019. … Read more here.

Linux that fits anywhere: 15 very small footprint distros

If you have an older PC or a small single-board computer-based system, you probably want to run a version of Linux that’s light on resources and easy to download. In this gallery, we look at a very small footprint Linux distros. With the exception of Damn Small Linux, all have been updated relatively recently. Each distro can run on machines with less than 1GB of RAM and most can run in a much smaller footprint. Read the full story at: .